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Control your experience, own your solution

Solid TV is a suite of tools, methodologies, and consultation to help implement a multi-channel, OTT (over-the-top) video delivery solution for devices such as: Apple TV, Samsung Tizen, LG WebOS, web, iOS, Android, and gaming platforms like Xbox and Playstation. This service platform, offered by Solid Interactive addresses the key concerns of content creators and brands when they are trying fully implement a digital supply chain and deliver video to a multitude of devices. 

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Monetize and integrate your content within your current business systems

Once upon a time

OTT video services frequently license an off-the-shelf platform to deliver content to their customers. They are promised a faster time to market and a robust platform. In reality, these video delivery systems are historically very rigid and customization is very slow and costly.

Own vs Rent

Solid TV is a toolbox of usable components that can help you get to market faster on your own, giving you more control with an overall lower cost of ownership.

Custom Integration

Integrate the video delivery workflow with your existing internal systems. Effectively manage your brand and your company vision.

Smart Deployment Strategy

Apps are developed to reach platforms with the largest marketshare first. Targeting devices that use similar technologies with market-tested in the first iteration produces a quicker time to market and a lower entry cost to the space.

Yeah, we've built apps for that

You can target the latest CE devices with apps that playback your content or provide a complete storefront experience.

So What's Included in a Video Delivery Platform?

Digital Rights Management (DRM)

The solution supports industry standard DRM platforms to encrypt and securely playback content on all of your customer's devices. Widevine and PlayReady are fully supported.

Digital Locker

Manage customer's rights in the cloud and deliver the correct video formats to all their devices securely. Full support for subscription, EST and VOD content.

Ecommerce Integration

The solution can take orders, manage customers and fully support a healthy market. It can also integrate with existing internal systems, allowing flexibility in accounting and billing.

Promotion Support

Offer special pricing, coupons, bundle offers or pre-paid funds. Promotional support is included. External services may also be used.

Content Management System (CMS)

Take full control of the data provided to customers. Metadata is aggregated from multiple sources and managed in a user-friendly web application.

Parental Controls

Parents can craft a safe viewing experience for their children and filter content that they don't feel is appropriate.

Device Management

Customers add or remove devices that can access their content. Once a device is authorized, it can playback a customer's content securely.

Feature Rich APIs

We provide a full suite of standard APIs that integrate with all of your storefronts and back office systems.

Mobile and CE Device Video Playback

Deliver specifically targeted file formats for mobile devices and consumer electronic devices. Available screen resolution, bandwidth and file format are all handled seamlessly and automatically.

Member Management

A media delivery system must include a way to manage users and their devices to properly authenticate and allow playback based on the specified business rules. We help integrate new or existing systems without compromising the security of your customers.

Storefront Development

Custom digital experience for brands and content providers to offer their customers.

Enterprise Integration

The Solid TV solution is the conduit between digital storefronts, the content delivery back-end and existing internal systems. This level of integration provides flexibility, while maintaining integrity of existing operational functions.

Commonly Asked Questions

Unlike other providers, we realize that there isn't a one size-fits-all solution to delivering OTT solutions.  That's why we have abstracted most of our architecture to plug and play with a variety of services, solutions, and devices.  This architecture also allows us to create solutions that use our components to get to market, and integrate internal and third-party providers after initial launch.

Solid has created a framework that allows our engineering teams to produce a single application codebase which will support multiple device platforms.  Currently Solid supports a wide range of Smart TV and connected set top boxes, the popular mobile devices (iOS, Android), web applications, and gaming devices (Xbox One, PS4)

No.  Solid TV is built-to-suit and most of our technology is built on open source products that our team has developed and sponsored.

Solid realizes that most solutions require some level of integration with internal systems.  External data sources and applications can be plugged in as necessary.

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